Can I get this wrapped up?

... begins the chapter on 'Questions I never thought I'd ask'. Also included are, 'Um ... do you guys have eggs?' 

The sister chapter 'Things I never thought I'd say' is similarly overflowing, the most used phrase being 'Tall Americano extra shot'.

In other news, I have fallen in love with New York. And Patti Smith. And drawing, again. 

It's surprising, and incredible, how easy it is to move 3000 miles from home and set yourself up for three months. I have been incredibly lucky. People wise, accommodation wise, everything wise really.

 It takes some time to get used to this city. For a good two weeks I was trying to 'figure out' everything, tourist wonder was my default setting. Different stores, different sweet packaging, different signs and traffic signals. Different ways people had of dressing, of speaking. Hearing fifteen different languages every day. Realising that asking someone where they're from isn't the straightforward opening question it generally is at home.Figuring out which way is up - literally. Difficulty with direction means I often have to go the wrong way before I figure out where I am. 

Time is flying away. Every second feels precious. That and my regular Starbucks order (triple tall Americano if you're wondering) mean sleep is not a priority. It feels like wasted time. And with only nine weeks left wasted time is not an option.

 Inspired is the short phrase for what I am at the moment. Every new street throws up something worth photographing - words are flowing in ways they haven't in longer than I can remember. I am reading like I did when I was 12. Voraciously. Patti Smith, Just Kids, Thinking - Fast and Slow and some Beckett so far. 

The default bag contents is sketchbook, notebook, pen, camera and roll of film. 

The clothing wishlist grows daily. My decision to be a sensible human being and not bring my entire wardrobe really bites. Clothes shopping is definitely on the agenda. Although not having Shutterbug to pull from is a sadness. White shirts are my new obsession - to wear with braces, black ties, city shorts and Keds/Converse. 

Similarly, my wise grown up decision not to bring every art material known to man(as well as a studio/the entire art college of equipment while I'm at it) is a hindrance. It does mean I have to explore all the art material shops in NYC though, which is no bad thing. Trying not to buy fifteen new notebooks every time I go inside is definitely a difficulty.

More photos will be taken soon. In the meantime - may I recommend New York heartily. Come. And never leave.