Packing's going well ...

.... slash clearly isn't since I'm procrastinating with an outfit post. Which I procrastinated with further by playing in Picasa. So many effects, so little time.

I'm leaving for New York in two days, TWO DAYS! Naturally before I left, I plundered Shutterbug. (Thank you Blanaid) And since the 'good clothes' mentality has long ago disappeared I've been wearing the heck out of them ever since.

This clutch bag is my new favourite thing in the world. This hat is a close second, the fact that it made it unscathed through a night out in Kilkenny is nothing short of miraculous.

Hat - Shutterbug 
Jumper - H&M - via one of Kilkenny's many charity shops
Skirt - Shutterbug 
Boots - River Island 
Clutch - Shutterbug

In other news, college is finished till September. And I am leaving for New York for the ENTIRE SUMMER in TWO DAYS. None of this has quite sunk in yet. I shall attempt to process it on my seven and a half hour flight.