I miss my wardrobe ...

I have reached the conclusion that the 'Wardrobe of Classics' - the achievement of which is often described in highfalutin publications as the pinnacle of a stylish life - is completely useless, if not downright detrimental, to ones daily attempts at the art of dressing

Yes, high quality simple garments which can be worn in a variety of ways are an excellent idea. Just like a wardrobe of cheap Penney's dresses is not ideal. The problem with the first is that a) people (i.e. me) get bored easily and b) those basic staples are not meant to be mixed with EACH OTHER all of the time. Basic Staple plus Basic Staple plus Basic Staple is rarely a recipe for sartorial success. Unless you are this girl.

One basic staple can be the basis of five different outfits - that's a good Basic Staple. But the important part is the other components of the five outfits. You need the colourful pants, interesting skirt, show stopping jacket. Just like pasta and rice are basic cupboard staples, eating pasta and rice all day everyday without any seasoning gets boring, fast.

My opinion is definitely informed by the fact that all my Outfit Makers were forgotten when I came to New York. 'These are all great basics' we said. 'You can wear this with everything.' I forgot the 'everything'. I left the 'everything' to the mercy of my sisters in Craddockstown.* 

So, NYC with basics - it's not the worst thing in the world, Especially not when it's a million degrees out and anything more than a vest and shorts equals melt central. Nonetheless, I miss my wardrobe, my Aztec Leggings, leather shorts, denim skirt, sequined skirt ... I could go on, but I'll stop there. 

My August mission now becomes, SHOP. Not a mission I generally have a problem with. Particularly when there are so many amazing stores around the place. On the list - everything in these images really. Living with the basics and surrounded by a people who like to dress plainly - Puritan roots maybe? - I have become obsessed with prints and embellishment and general OTT behaviour.

One of my favourite Irish bloggers Angela Scanlon Photographer Ciuin Tracey
 And so - to shop till I have a wardrobe I can pull from. 5 weeks left, this town won't know what hit it. 


*Cue scary text from home "BrĂ­d quick question, You know all the clothes you left behind? Could they go to a charity clothes collection?" Nooooooo was the immmediate response.