fresh starts

You might say it's been a while. You might be right.

For a long while now I've been questioning the value of blogs, fashion blogs in particular. My own in particular particular. 

Whether you're actually adding anything to anything by posting a picture of yourself looking suitably attractive and well dressed, but suitably unconscious of same so as to be considered "cool" and "fashion"? Whether this culture is something you want to be involved in and preoccupied with? Whether energy could be better directed elsewhere? 

I've been silent for quite some time while I ruminated and I've come to a conclusion of sorts. Not the end, rather a new beginning. 

For me, at least, I think the time has come for some change on the blog front. Not so dramatic as to be unrecognisable by any means, but a few wee tweaks in design and some significant changes in content type and quality are definitely on the cards. 

In my absence I've definitely been missing the writing and thinking out loud element of this blog. Now, however I find I'm craving more focus, more positivity, more meaning even. A clearer direction. 

We shall see where all of this takes us.